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Welcome to the world of Just Sweets!

At Just Sweets, we started off as a family of handmade chocolate lovers, making and perfecting our handmade chocolates and fine sweets.

Our passion for making fine sweets grew, as did our customers’ demand, so we moved our inspired creations to a factory in Altona, Victoria in 2002, to develop our unique treats, as well as sell old favourites.

We are fast becoming a local household name for quality confectionery products, as well as making our delicious treats available around the world. 


Still a 100% family-owned business, our master confectioners pride themselves on creating the finest handmade chocolates, wonderful confectioneries, and now, irresistible peanut butter as well. 


We are open as a factory outlet and selling wholesale as well, online and by phone. 

Locals can come in to grab bargains – just give us a ring first or browse our eBay for scrumptious delights made with love.

We look forward to seeing you!
The Just Sweets Family

Handmade Chocolate and Fine Sweets